3 comments on “Houston, you are a problem

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  2. I had a similar, although less painful and non-pet-involving, hassle a couple of years ago when my wife air-shipped me an excess suitcase midway through her extended trip around Austraila. I picked up the suitcase at the United SeaTac cargo facility — they had to send someone into the warehouse with a forklift to retrieve it — and was pulling out of my parking space when someone came running out from the office and waved me down. They hadn’t realized it was an international shipment, so they hadn’t made me fill out the right paperwork. This took an hour or so for them to locate, then I had to physically drive the paperwork over to the Customs office, have it stamped, and drive it back to United Cargo, where they had put the suitcase back in the warehouse, requiring *another* forklift expedition to retrieve it.

    The precious contents that needed Customs approval for importing into the US? Dirty laundry. (and Customs took my word for it, too)

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