Crazy Random Happenstance

Facebook blocked a Chrome extension today that let you export all your data (including contact info about your FB friends) to your computer.

I’m sure this has NOTHING to do with the many beta users of Google + utilizing this extension in the last few days.


It does raise a question:  To whom does your identity information belong?  To you?  What about to friends with whom you’ve shared it via Facebook or another tool?  To the tool you used?

This is the same model that has made me crazy for years, whenever Equifax or a similar credit agency charged me for access to my information.

It’s possible that we should split data from information:  I own my data (my gender, name, age, address) and can share it with my friends or businesses or the government and they can do whatever they want with it (Friend A can tell his Friend Q my birthdate).  When they turn it into information (“we’ve analyzed your gender, age, residency, and search terms, and think you’ll like these ads”), then that info is theirs and I’d have to pay to get it or to keep them from using it or selling it.